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CRDS has established its web research services on proven models and processes. We believe in creating winning strategies for our clients by providing them end-to-end internet marketing research services as per their business goals and objectives. Our online web research experts have vast experience and expertise in this field. We recruit domain experts from diverse backgrounds like marketing, technical and advertising etc. so that they can execute aggressive industry requirements, competitive tracking and unique market development plans for our international clients.

Cosmos Research and Data Solutions provide high quality, accurate, customized and cost effective web research services in a fast turnaround time. Our aim is to produce tangible results for our clients that are aligned with their needs and objectives. We collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative information to provide reliable and effective solutions to you. Some of our Web Research Services include Software and Website Development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Affiliate Program Management and Marketing, Comprehensive Marketing Services, E-Commerce etc.

Cosmos Research and Data Solutions provide the following Web Research Outsourcing services:

  • Email research
  • Name, city and state research
  • Address research
  • Product / services research
  • Pricing research
  • Competitor research
  • Trend research
  • Advertising research
  • Market and location research
  • Brand, corporate image research
  • Internet product research
  • Online research for database creation

Through our comprehensive Web Research Services, we focus on the following aspects:

  • Searching, handling and managing of non-traditional information like environmental, geographical, cartographic etc.
  • Web Mining/ Data Mining
  • Web Data Extraction
  • Data Integration from numerous sources
  • Navigation through information
  • Learning and knowledge acquisition from data
  • Prediction
  • Decision making support
  • Information visualization in computational media
  • Storing, accessing and processing of data in computational platforms

Our web and internet research services are the most frequently requested services by our global clients. Our research experts can provide you with the best advice and consultation for designing and executing internet research project and delivering the business information you need for competitive strategy, pricing, product catalogues, marketing lists or other critical business information. In addition to research services to define business trends, refine strategies, and product planning, we also offer web research on a variety of subjects including history, politics, medicine, law, literature, finance, annual reports and performance and many more.

If you think, we can fulfill all your web-based research requirements, then look no further and contact us now at- info@crdsglobal.com.