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We pride ourselves in providing innovative, superior programming market surveys that are flexible, robust, dependable and scalable in supporting our clients’ ever-changing needs in this dynamic arena of market research. Rendering multifarious solutions to our clients around the globe, we have carved a niche in the market among the most trusted providers of Survey Programming Services in India. We have devised several survey methodologies and system which are applicable as per our client’s requisites. For Online Survey Programming, we make use of methods like Internet-based collection and dissemination of survey data by programming questionnaires as well as establishing a secure infrastructure where responses can be stored and reported. If needed, we also custom program the surveys so as to suit the need of the project in question.

Our programmers are trained and highly skilled in using programming languages and web technologies like Active Server Pages, HTML, DHTML, Front Page, VBScript, JavaScript, Active X Controls etc. This helps us in creating the perfect look, feel, navigation and flow to engage the interviewee with the survey. We are also flexible in adapting ourselves to any other survey programming software depending upon the current needs and requirement of our clients.

We divert our focus completely in understanding the latest market trends, analyzing the current features, etc. This has enabled us to cater as per the customized needs of our clients. Through our structured programmes of surveys, we can collect maximum data and further analyze it if and when required. It also provides us with certain advanced survey functions and features which can be created and seamlessly incorporated into the survey. Till date, we have been competent in conducting all surveys and there is no such challenge that we cannot overcome.

Our Key Strengths:

  • We support all major languages for survey translations and programming.
  • Our unique ability lies in hosting online surveys by using our robust and secure hosting infrastructure.
  • We have facilities for real-time reporting to check the progress of project and customized online reports.
  • Multimedia support features are also included such as audio/video/flash
  • Robust project management
  • It has unlimited options for survey customization.
  • Global Survey Panel for international panel capabilities and advanced analysis.

Survey Programming is conducted through the following ways:

Web-based programming:

With our focus on cost efficiencies and excellent time management CRDS offers Online and Web Survey programming services to organizations worldwide that helps them in deriving accurate and reliable insights. Since the success of a survey initiative depends to a great extent on the integrity of the data collected, we ensure that each response is valid. By using complex programming, we effectively eliminate any undesired, incorrect or biased responses. Furthermore, time stamps are used extensively to ensure the authenticity of the collected data.

Unique Features:

  • Simple Graphics
  • Simple and easy to use instructions
  • Logical flow of questions and formats
  • Use of best technology
  • Effective randomization

Superior Technology:

Our Web-based Programming System has been designed to accommodate the needs of anyone conducting online research. The simple interface, cutting edge features as well as rock-bottom price of our programming has landed us among the foremost providers of Web-based Programming.

Reliability and Commitment:

We are committed to the success of our clients. We recognize the needs of our clients in making their online research a success. Therefore, we are cent percent focused on creating solutions that exceeds our customer’s requirements and expectations.

Proven Track Record:

Our previous track records show that a number of large and small companies from all over the world have chosen our programming system for conducting their online research and they are happy with the results.


We adhere to the highest levels of security standards on the internet. We ensure that data security and privacy are addressed at all levels right form the survey delivery to the protection of survey results.


Our customers have access to an expert team of developers who are responsible for ensuring 100% client satisfaction and success in their research.

CATI Programming:

We are a pioneer in outsourcing world-class CATI services to our global customers. Our well-defined and cost-effective services benefit our customers by increasing their productivity and reducing operating costs. For offering best services, we make use of a state-of-the-art software package that is versatile and provides our clients with all the tools needed to field the project and manage the data. We continuously modify and enhance our services in response to the needs and demands of our clients.

Our expert team of researchers and CATI programmers use the finest state-of-the-art technology. Through the application of CATI software, we are capable of handling all sorts of simple and complex questionnaires with ease. Moreover, they are also experienced with using HTML to customize your online survey to stand out above the competition. Leveraging on our vast experience in the field of computerized survey data collection and analysis, we have earned huge reputation for ourselves in superior design and implementation. Furthermore, we also provide a platform that allows our programmers to manage thousands of reports and mixed mode data collection. Our incomparable programming, fast turnaround times as well as our ability for catching the slightest of errors help us in giving the most accurate data.

Features of CATI Software:

  • Superior quality data stored in an industry-standard SQL database
  • A complete set of data collection and project management tools
  • Speed to get projects in and out of the field in a timely manner
  • In-depth reports and data transfers, keep clients up-to-date
  • Confidentiality of client and end user information is guaranteed
  • CATI programming is reviewed by our clients prior to the fielding of any project.
Survey hosting:

Whatever your survey is; short or long, simple or complex; our professional teams of web survey designers will assist you in making your web survey a success. All you need to do is to send your survey document to us and we will design and create a web version, host it and manage it and we will send you clean and accurate data/reports for analysis. Client can choose from our wide array of available features for their online surveys as per the functionality they need for their project.

Being a technology-driven company, we are engaged in offering robust and innovative solutions for our customers' web survey hosting needs. Our survey research software has certain advanced features like fast page views, advanced programming logic, and customizable solutions for conducting all types of online market research and online customer surveys.

Our features:

  • Responsive, highly-trained survey experts
  • Quick turnaround to launch
  • Instant updated summary report
  • Address of your choice
  • Confidential surveys on secure, monitored servers
  • Project management by experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • Custom coding available