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CRDS offers a range of advanced Digital Image Processing Services through which pictures can be modified and enhanced and quality images can be generated. Quality images will attract the customers and surely increase your sales. Our fast, flexible and precise Image Processing Services include improving the pictures (enhancement & restoration), extracting information (analysis & recognition) as well as changing their structure (composition & editing). Our image processing services can convert the raw image formats into a variety of standardized image formats of your choice or preference such as TIFF, PNG's, JPEG's etc. Increased productivity, reduced costs and extended capabilities for all kinds of businesses are some of the key features of our Image Processing Services.

Through our unique Image Enhancement Services, you can improve the quality (clarity) and texture of images for human viewing. Image Enhancement operations include removing blurring and noise, increasing contrast, and revealing details, adjusting the brightness and sharpness depending upon the pixel intensity. We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals who serve the Image Processing needs of our clients and have the expertise of handling various types of projects, irrespective of their size. Our expert Image Editors are capable in successfully managing, enhancing and optimizing images for developing online catalogs or for different promotional purposes.


  • Image Scanning and Photography
  • Image Editing, Scaling and Cropping
  • Image Background Cleaning
  • Image Masking / Photo Masking
  • Image Clipping Path
  • Image Retouching, Cleaning and Cloning
  • Image Background Removal/ Cleaning
  • Image Enhancement, Blending and Texturing
  • Image Resizing, Zoom and Thumbnail
  • Digital Watermark / Signature

At CRDS, we employ the most advanced technology and the best image scanning procedures so as to ensure that maximum security and confidentiality is attained. We also take care to provide a backup of every digital image to reduce the possibility of loss of data at any stage.

We help you in improving your service quality, productivity and performance at cost effective prices. Contact us for all your Image Processing and Image Retouching Outsourcing requirements at info@crdsglobal.com.