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Redefining the way in which digital publishing is perceived, Cosmos Research & Data Solutions offers a vast spectrum of advanced Multilingual E-Publishing Services. In today’s knowledge economy, E-Publishing is the most promising and cost-effective manner of reaching a large audience, stretching across the globe. Now, international publishers can reap benefits from our E-Publishing Outsourcing Solutions that will not only help them in reducing their long distance delivery costs but also tapping readers from every nook & corner of the world and serving performance-based advertising.

Since publishing encompasses a gamut of services under one roof, CRDS is poised to offer end-to-end E-Publishing Services to our clients. We recognize that fast turnaround times and the capability to provide round-the-clock services is the most important terminus for the industry in which we operate. We aim to lead the outsourcing market by delivering Electronic Publishing and Data Processing Solutions to our global clients that is recognized for its exceptional quality, economical prices as well as unparalleled customer support.


Our Quality Assurance System follows integrated Quality audit and Quality control procedures to assure that our clients get unmatched quality in e-publishing. Every stage is carefully executed by our qualified and experienced professionals. Each and every project is analyzed and workflow processes are defined as per the clients’ requirement. Our key focus lies mainly on communication, quality, cost efficiency and fast turnaround times.


Our e-publishing services support the most advanced design and development technologies that best suit our clients’ business strategy. We have invested significant resources to develop our in-house technology platform since the inception of our business. Our advanced technology helps in apt content conversion requirements, thereby reducing organizations’ production costs for business improvement.


The prices are based on what services you want to avail like editing, cover page design, book layout etc. They also depend upon the subject matter, length of the text, type of graphics and amount of tabulated information in text etc. You may opt for one or a combination of these services as per your requirement.


Over the years, we have gained immense experience working with innumerable clients on different types of projects and the positive aspects of all this experience are incorporated in our services. Our high-quality, cost-efficient and competent services have made us a favoured outsourcing address for our global clients. Owing to our transparent workflow processes, commitment and excellence in customer satisfaction, we have earned the faith of a huge client base, across diverse industry segments; such as:

  • Data Processing
  • Journals, Magazines, Newspapers & Periodicals
  • Universities, Academic& Research Institutions
  • Hard-Book & Electronic Publishers
  • Banking, Finance & Insurance
  • Hospitals & Health Care
  • Online Book Stores
  • Airlines
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Legal
  • Government agencies
  • Manufacturing

Types of E-Publishing Models that we work on:


Cosmos Research & Data Solutions offers high quality, time bound and cost-effective eBook Publishing Services with total confidentiality. CRDS can convert your paper documents and electronic format documents into well-organized eBooks that are ready for publishing on the internet and CD-ROM. eBooks can sell your products and services in the market; thereby giving you a marketing edge over your competitors. We have access to proven technologies for receiving, processing, managing, selling and securely delivering digital books in multiple formats. We provide eBook publishing solutions in formats such as HTML, Adobe PDF, Frame Maker, Quark Express, MS Excel, PageMaker, CorelDraw and Word Perfect.

At CRDS, we undertake projects for creation of new eBooks as well as conversion of existing publications into eBooks. We professionally create eBooks from hard copies such as images, photos, graphics, mathematical symbols etc. and also from any other electronic format. We can most aptly compile any pages that include text, images, photos, sounds, animations and movies into a portable, compact and attractive eBook. Besides being accessible and reader-friendly these eBooks are customizable and there is total control over the appearance of the eBook.

E-books can be created through the following data sources:

  • PDF files: Related multiple files are integrated into one for better organization. Thus, reducing the amount of files present in your system. This, in turn, will allow you to easily access the required information.
  • We also convert paper documents, whether printed or handwritten into digital form. Combined with our unique data entry, scanning, data conversion services, you can now get rid of thousands of paper documents lying in your home or office.
  • Besides, digital images of paper documents which are in different formats like .jpg, .tiff, .bmp and others can also be converted into an eBook.
  • Documents in MS Word files.

Our E- Book Conversion Project Cycle is as follows:

  • Client sends the data that needs to be converted into an eBook.
  • Clients’ requirements are analyzed and a process chart is created based on eBook creation.
  • The estimated amount and scheduled time of delivery is given to the client.
  • Then, we input data sources creation of eBook, either on the e-book compilers or data conversion software.
  • If the data is not in digital form, then data capture or manual key typing is used, as per the requirement.
  • Conversion of data in the desired format then takes place.
  • As the final step, we undergo a series of quality control processes. Moreover, final auditing is done to ensure the accuracy of the content.
  • Finally, Output data is dispatched to web-based or remote systems for publication.

Quality Assurance Methods We Use:

We maintain a quality check system through the different stages involved in eBook creation and conversion so as to eliminate the scope of any errors. During eBook creation process, ‘Automated Validation’ is used for processed data to avoid human errors and ensure that the projects are up to the clients’ satisfaction. Additionally, after the conversion process, output format compatibility check is conducted to ensure the readability and usability of eBooks on the system. The eBook creation process ends with a check for integrity, cleanliness and correctness as a follow-up to quality process.

Our E-publishing Solutions encompass the following services:

Proofreading and minor editing:

We also check your eBooks for any spelling or grammatical errors. Moreover, the eBooks is also checked and verified for organization and flow.

Selecting appropriate and pleasing font:

We make sure that we choose the right typestyle for your eBook. Appropriate line spacing and size of the font are also taken in consideration so that the readers can have a pleasant reading experience.

Creating a unique page layout:

Every writer has his/ her own unique style of writing, and each book reflects the writer as well as the subject matter. We design creative page styles for you that enhance the look of your eBook, giving it a more personalized effect.

Page-by-page formatting with headers, page numbers, etc:

Your eBook is formatted using Adobe PageMaker (or Word template) so as to assure that it has the highest quality, attractive layout and graphics.

Adjusting paragraph styles for easier reading and absorption:

An eBook must be clear and easy to read. So, we divide the pages into smaller chunks in order to make reading it easier onscreen. Long paragraphs are broken into more readable sections as needed.

Adding sub-heads for clarity and flow:

We place sub-heads wherever required which will help in guiding the reader through the eBook and emphasizing on important points.

Adjusting page size and orientation:

The page size and orientation is adjusted accordingly that best suits the subject matter. For example, there are many books in which using a smaller page size or horizontal pages rather than vertical proves to be more beneficial.

Adjusting color schemes and proper color usage:

We ensure that our color choice compliments the subject matter of your eBook.

Optimizing and adjusting graphics:

Graphic formats vary according to the photos and other graphics. We ensure that graphics are optimized for your eBook and pictures are cropped and adjusted for best effects.

Adding Table of contents, copyright pages, dedications, acknowledgements, etc:

We make sure that your eBook has overall the same appeal as compared to a printed book. We ensure that all of your links are formatted accurately and are working properly. Moreover, all links are double-checked so that the reader is diverted to the correct link.

Compiling eBook in PDF format for distribution:

PDF is the highest quality format that is used for eBooks since it allows readability by Mac users and increases your audience.

Outsource all your E-publishing requirements to CRDS and reduce the costs associated with print and other related resources by 30- 50%. Through our end-to-end Project Management Solutions, we will organize and manage quality follow-up services for you from Copy editing, Typesetting, Artwork Reproduction to Indexing and CD-ROM publication. If you wish to avail these services, then mail us at- info@crdsglobal.com.