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Information is the wealth and the source of learning for an organization but it is only a benefit if it is organized, processed and available to the right people in the right format for decision-making. The only solution by which organizations can manage their information efficiently is through Document Management. Cosmos Research & Data Solutions provide high quality, accurate, confidential and cost effective document management services in a fast turnaround time. The papers in various forms like handwritten notes, report printouts, typed letters, photocopies, faxes, bills, invoices etc. can be expensive to maintain and extremely ineffective for your business. We offer software products that would enable you to electronically view a collection of documents thus avoiding the necessity of keeping written matter on paper.

Through our advanced Electronic Document Management Services, we focus on controlling the entire lifecycle of a document, starting from its creation to its archiving. To ensure effective document management, we combine information from different sources, for different users, utilizing different processes and technology for smoothly transmitting knowledge across an organization. The steps in our Document Management process are as follows:

Document Creation:

A document holds information from varied sources in different formats on a particular topic to fulfill the specific needs of an organization or individual. We consider the following while creating a document in electronic structure:

  • What readers see
  • Use of information
  • Content of information and its purpose
  • Visual arrangement
  • Proper sizing of document
  • Hyperlink information

Storage and Retrieval:

The information is stored safely in a storage device like CD, hard disk etc and can be retrieved for later use.


The document is managed efficiently to cater to the needs of organizations and individuals. It is a wide area and encompasses the use of numerous tools and technique and appropriate formats for managing documents.

Version control:

Through this step, we track the changes made in a document and the ability to retrieve previous version of the document.


This feature enriches the functionality of the document management process. Through this function the state of the document is tracked and who is responsible for it. A workflow has four primary elements:

Process: the series of steps that have been structured to reach an end objective

Actions: What has to be done at each step?

People: Specific roles have been defined to accomplish these steps

Document: The main focus of the process

Multiple delivery formats:

The document content can be delivered to the end users in various electronic formats such as PDF, Word file, Image etc.

Advantages of Electronic Document Management Solutions

The advantages served by our electronic document management solutions are as follows:

  • Cost-effective document creation and distribution
  • Enhanced and customized access to documents
  • Control over document access. Read and write permissions can be set per user by owner/ administrator
  • Existing information can be reused and leveraged as per your requirement
  • Speedy document creation and updating
  • Increased document integrity and security
  • Quick document retrieval
  • Complete regulatory compliance
  • More refined managerial control and reporting
  • Format of document depends on organization’s style or user’s need
  • Full profile and text indexing

Now you can derive greater cost savings and benefits from our unparalleled Document Management Outsourcing Solutions. CRDS team is dedicated in offering responsive, dedicated, and highly trained to deliver customer satisfaction. We employ best practices to ensure high-quality, consistent service to our clients. Send all your Document Management requirements to- info@crdsglobal.com.