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CRDS has been actively engaged in providing database validation, creation and management services to clients across the globe. Delivering high quality solutions in database management, we clean, correct, de-duplicate and standardize the database of clients using the skills of our competent personnel and the expertise of superior technology tools. We make the databases of our customers’ valuable resources for providing crucial business intelligence. Besides, our unparalleled data validation services span various industrial verticals including legal, financial, insurance, real estate, marketing, healthcare, research, hospitality, commercial services, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, education, and many more.

The services that we provide in Data Validation are as follows:

De-duplication of data: Our team of professionals can competently deal with complex databases removing all kinds of duplications. Using suitable software, they can identify advanced duplications such as entries that do not match exactly with the original but are duplicates.

Corrections of invalid information: With our access to advanced software, we trace and remove invalid email ids, website addresses, postal codes, bar codes and other identification codes so as to make the information free from any errors.

Removing typos and punctuation errors: Textual data can be improved since all the typos, punctuation errors, font case errors and common syntax errors etc are eliminated.

Identifying missing information: We trace missing data and records from huge databases speedily by using appropriate technology tools.

Standardizing the database: By making use of our mailing lists creation services, the clients can build customized mailing lists from huge databases, portals, networks and directories, both online as well as offline

So, when you outsource your project to Cosmos Research & Data Solutions, you may do so with complete confidence that your desired data will be delivered with unparalleled quality and precision as well as on time and on budget. Besides, when you outsource your project to CRDS, you make a saving of anything between 40% and 60% on the Data Validation Services that you avail. Irrespective of your project size, you may rest assured that we will treat your project as per your requirements and give you the desired output. CRDS is the only Multilingual Data Services Outsourcing firm that can transform your data in over 140 languages, according to your requirements. For further details, mail your queries and requirements to: info@crdsglobal.com.