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Recognizing the importance of successful information management, CRDS offers efficient Data Extraction Solutions through which you can extract and segregate informative data from vast sources of information, quickly and effectively. Through our unique extraction techniques, the unorganized data can be easily converted into useful piece of information. The right information at the right hour will help you in taking timely strategic decisions for your business that will be based on truly accurate information. We can most conveniently extract data from various sources and output them in a variety of media format such as CD’s/ DVD’s, PDF documents, XML and all other formats. CRDS outsourcing model allows you to outsource the data extraction and data mining needs while making the transitions as painless as possible.

The Features of our services are as follows:

  • We lay strong emphasis on business processes.
  • Sufficient experience and expertise in all forms of data processing
  • Highly skilled researchers who interact with the clients on a regular basis and keep them updated on the status of the work.
  • Robust infrastructure and redundant systems ensure uninterrupted services
  • At the onset of a new project, Service Level Agreement & Non-Disclosure Agreements are duly signed.
  • The safety of the data is ensured through Network Security

Web Data Extraction Services

Through our combination of expert online web researchers and advanced technologies, we offer to our clients easier, speedier and cost-effective web data extraction services. Our infrastructure base allows us to manage and accommodate long term and large volumes of web data extraction projects with ease. We assure you high levels of satisfaction through superior quality solutions at reduced costs and time. By utilizing our Outsourcing Web Data Extraction Services you can get access to valuable information on the web, without having to add significantly to your overheads.

Advantages of our Web Data Extraction Services:

  • Extracting consumer-sensitive information from varied resources
  • Extracting information related to competitors- their firm size, practices, product details, their sales and marketing networks etc
  • Extracting data for creating networks of suppliers, vendors, retailers and other dealers
  • Searching and extracting for online market news related to products/ services.
  • Extracting data for maintaining database of prospective customers
  • Gathering, collating and summarizing news from various news and PR sources online.
  • Extracting data from consumer websites, blogs and forums to summarize customer reviews and opinions
  • Extracting data by querying Databases for successful marketing campaigns
  • Extracting data for enlarging database of business contacts

So, when you outsource your project to Cosmos Research & Data Solutions, you may do so with complete confidence that your desired data will be delivered with unparalleled quality and precision as well as on time and on budget. Besides, when you outsource your project to CRDS, you make a saving of anything between 40% and 60% on your data outsourcing services that you avail. Irrespective of whether your project is a simple or a complex in nature, you may rest assured that we will treat your project as per your requirements and give you the desired output. CRDS is the only Multilingual Data Services Outsourcing firm that collects data in different languages, precisely 140, from across the globe and transforms it according to your specific requirements. For further details, mail your queries and requirements to: info@crdsglobal.com.