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CRDS is intended to provide practical tools and processes for gathering useful information in all fields of study. Our aim is to identify a wide range of data collection methods rather than relying primarily on the traditional ways and developing innovative applications of research methods to provide a broad range of options. We at CRDS, specialize in data collection off paper by means of image, OMR and other vital entry processes. Irrespective of the fact whether you are outsourcing your project or collecting data at your own site, CRDS customizes results for every category of project and all forms of budget. We offer our Multilingual Data Collection Solutions to clients around the globe.

Through our superior quality and cost-effective Data Collection Services, we serve numerous industry verticals like legal, financial, insurance, real estate, marketing, healthcare, research, hospitality, commercial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, education, and many more. Our Data Collection Services will help you in capturing data in any language and format. We collect data through varied primary and secondary sources, utilizing different qualitative and quantitative methods of research practices.

Data Collection through Primary Research:

We provide top tier Primary Market Research Services to global clients and organizations. Our specialized understanding of the different markets, coupled with strong qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and analytical techniques, makes us capable in delivering solid research insights to meet your business needs.

Our extensive research methodology involves the collection of new information by conducting market surveys, telephonic interviews, questionnaires and focus group interviews. The research is customized as per the research requirements of our clients companies. We help the firms in gaining insights about their target markets by means of focus groups, surveys, interviews or observation. This research is based on sampling techniques and requires statistical methodologies. We ensure that the results gathered are highly accurate.

We provide Primary Data Collection Solutions using a combination of the following services:

Phone Based Data Collection:

CRDS employs CATI technology to maximize the excellence in quality and performance of the data. The research undertaken by us, adhere to standards of quality which also includes targeted as well as qualified samples, established methods, scrutinizing and substantiation. Besides, our interviewers follow globally established interrogative procedures. Owing to the interactive nature of phone-based interviewing, our experts are able to explore both qualitative as well as quantitative aspects of collected data. The activities involved in this process are:

  • Sample Planning & Sample Development
  • Localization and Translation of Surveys
  • Data Collection through the medium of telephone
  • Multilingual Support
  • Coding

Web-based Data Collection:

As the popularity of internet has grown among the people worldwide, web-based research programs have become an essential element of market research data collection technique. Through our client-oriented and consultative approach, we reach out to our global clients at every step of the research process. Our Web-based data collection encompasses the following activities:

  • Designing, execution and management of questionnaires
  • Up gradation and Survey Hosting
  • Multi-lingual Surveys
  • Survey Localization and Translation
  • Reporting online

Mail Based Data Collection:

This approach is particularly useful when its is really difficult to contact the target subject or receiving feedbacks from a huge targeted population. In comparison to the traditional techniques of data collection, application of this method can cut costs and time. The

  • Proof-reading questionnaires
  • Localization and Translation of Surveys
  • Printing and Fulfillment
  • Data Entry
  • Data Analysis
  • Combination of Phone and Web-Based Methods

Panel Based Data Collection:

CRDS also offers panel recruitment and management services. Through our meticulous screening and recruitment procedures combined with our expert market analysts, the insights, views and opinions of the participants can be captured and explored completely. The activities which are included in this data collection method are:

  • Recruiting
  • Tracking & Management
  • Incentive Management
  • Data Analysis and Reporting

Field data collection:

CRDS is engaged in offering different modes of data collection services globally, including both online and offline support. We are proficient in managing both B2B and B2C research & analysis projects for domestic as well as international markets. This type of data collection is conducted through the following methods:

  • Door-to-Door Interviewing
  • Detailed/ In-depth Interviews
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Street- and Mall-Intercepts
  • CLT ( Central Location Tests like logo testing, concept use tests etc.)
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Auto Clinics

Quality Control Measures that we follow:

We have vigilant Quality Control Executives who are responsible for validating all data collection and field activities of the data collection team. We work in compliance with our select field partners and review every survey that has been conducted, through multiple QC checkpoints before making the final dispatch of data to our clients. All our research and data collection services conform to the ESOMAR and MRS codes of conduct.

Face to Face Interviews:

CRDS has an extensive arrangement for conducting face-to-face interviews across all global locations. In India, CRDS conducts face-to-face interviews in the Pen & Paper module and also in CAPI, whereas in other countries it is primarily conducted through the PAPI system. Additionally, CRDS also carries out CLTs, Clinics and Qualitative surveys in foreign locations. At CRDS, we take all our projects in a challenging way and assist our clients in accomplishing all their documentation as well as information needs.

Data Collection through Secondary Research:

CRDS has an experienced staff of business analysts and library scientists who are trained and specialized in finding the most relevant information from piles of available public and private data which are supplied by the clients. Our team is adept at gaining value from secondary research sources and presenting it in a manner that is useful to our clients. This type of research is based on information gathered from previous studies and findings such as reports, press articles and previous market research projects in order to arrive at a conclusion. Involving researching and analysis from pre-existing published information, we make sure that Secondary data collected is not old and obsolete.

The different sources from where we gather secondary information are as follows:

  • Focused Internet sources
  • Government published data
  • Competitor information
  • Multi-client reports
  • Industry associations
  • Industry trade media
  • Industry reports
  • Media and PR sources

So, when you outsource your project to Cosmos Research & Data Solutions, you may do so with complete confidence that your desired data will be delivered with unparalleled quality and precision as well as on time and on budget. Besides, when you outsource your project to CRDS, you make a saving of anything between 40% and 60% on your data collection services spent. Irrespective of whether your project is a simple ‘habits and attitudes’ survey or a complex in-house product testing research, you may be rest assured that we will treat your project as per your requirements and give you the desired output. CRDS is the only data collection outsourcing service provider that collects data in different languages, precisely 140, from across the globe and transform it according to your specific requirements. For further details, mail your queries and requirements to: info@crdsglobal.com.

Highlights of Our Data Collection Services:

Integrating different Research Techniques:

All Data Collection Techniques have their own set of advantages and disadvantages but they may also complement each other when used in an effective way. CRDS has expertise in making a skilful use of a combination of different collection techniques, which will not only reduce the possibility of bias but also give a comprehensive understanding of the topic of research.

Flexibility in Research:

Our Researchers will employ a combination of qualitative and quantitative research techniques within a single study. Our Qualitative research techniques will focus on identification and exploration of a number of often mutually related variables which will give an insight into the topic of study. On the other hand, our Quantitative Techniques will capture the distribution and association of certain variables.

Ethical Considerations:

CRDS takes care of certain ethical norms and considerations while developing its data collection techniques. We assure that our research procedures are not likely to cause any physical or emotional harm, which may be caused due to the following:

  • Violation of the informants’ Right to Privacy by posing sensitive questions or accessing records secretively which may contain Personal Data.
  • Observing informants’ behaviour when they are unaware ( We always cross-check concealed observation with other researchers with respect to ethical admissibility)
  • Making the personal information go public, which informants would want to be kept private,
  • Failure to observe or respect certain cultural values, traditions or taboos which may be valued by the informants.

Accurate and Unbiased Nature of Data:

CRD Soffers exclusive and highly accurate data to its clients. We ensure that the data we have collected through varied sources is free from distortion and represents reality. Our experienced researchers are well aware of all the potential biases and elements that may pose threat to the validity and reliability of the data. Thus, this awareness and foresightedness helps in eliminating them.

Quality Control Measures:

The skilled quality control (QC) team at CRDS corroborates the entire data collection and field undertakings of the associate data collection team. Working in tandem and intently with our field associates, CRDS appraises each survey by means of several quality control checkpoints prior to delivering the data to clients. It is pertinent to mention that we at CRDS as well as our field associates adhere to the ESOMAR and MRS codes of conduct.