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One of our core areas of expertise lies in Data Cleansing Services. We can cleanse your customer databases, verify customer data accuracy, eliminate duplicated and incorrect entries and interlink or consolidate multiple data sources enabling easy access to customer data for your marketing, sales, support teams and all other personnel who interact directly with customers.

Our skilled personnel and our professionals have vast experience related to Data Cleansing and other related services. By maintaining highest levels of accuracy at a very low cost and time, we make sure that clients who outsource our services get maximum benefits in terms of cost as well as better quality output. No useful information can be generated from the data which is inaccurate, unclean, unnatural, incomplete and inconsistent. Such data is of no use for the management or to the data owner.

Process of Data Cleansing is divided into 4 steps:

Data Auditing: This is the first step where the data is audited by making use of statistical methods to detect anomalies and contradictions which eventually gives an indication of the characteristics of the anomalies and their locations.

Workflow specification: Through a sequence of operations, the anomalies are detected and removed from the data. It is specified after the process of auditing the data which is a crucial part in achieving the end product of high quality data. For achieving a proper workflow, the causes of the anomalies and errors in the data are considered closely.

Workflow execution: After the completion of the specification and verification of the correctness of data, the workflow is executed. The workflow is implemented efficiently even on large sets of data.

Post-Processing and Controlling: After the cleansing workflow is executed, the inspection of results fro verifying correctness takes place. This result in a new cycle in the data cleansing process where the data is audited again to allow the specification of an additional workflow to further cleanse the data through automatic processing.

Through our rigorous Data Cleansing Process, we check the data for the following characteristics:

  • Accuracy
  • Integrity
  • Completeness
  • Validity
  • Consistency
  • Uniformity
  • Density
  • Uniqueness

So, when you outsource your project to Cosmos Research & Data Solutions, you may do so with complete confidence that your desired data will be delivered with unparalleled quality and precision as well as on time and on budget. Besides, when you outsource your project to CRDS, you make a saving of anything between 40% and 60% on the data services that you avail. Irrespective of the size of your research project, you may rest assured that we will treat your project as per your requirements and give you the output that you want. CRDS is the only Multilingual Data Solutions Outsourcing firm that collects data in different languages, precisely 140, from across the globe and transforms it according to your specific requirements. For further details, mail your queries and requirements to: info@crdsglobal.com.