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Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is an interactive front-end computer system that aids interviewers to ask questions over the telephone. CRDS offers access to best technology and cost-effective services in the field of CATI interviewing. Through our unique skills and distinguishing project methodology, we provide our clients with the best practices, technologies and business models that helps them to take full advantage of IT driven opportunities, anticipate and respond to new business challenges.

Our CATI market research surveys with prospects will not only help our offshore partners to understand their awareness, perceptions, wants and needs but also help them tailor their products to meet specific needs and create a base of future customers. We provide our clients objective results and solutions customized as per their requirements at cost-effective prices. With our vast experience and wide industry expertise, we are the ideal partners for our clients on their journey to success.

Types of Surveys through CATI Services:

We are utmost capable in conducting telephonic surveys in different countries worldwide using the CATI Methodology. The surveys that we conduct include:

  • Consumer Surveys
  • B2B Surveys
  • In depth Interviews
  • Appointment Settings
  • Opinion Polls
  • Customer or Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Brand Image and Awareness Studies
  • Market Assessment Surveys
How our CATI Service works?

Our CATI services allow the interviewers to perform multiple tasks of interviewing, data entry and simple coding simultaneously. The interviewers key the information directly into the computer system. As a result, data entry as a separate process is no longer required .Most of the questions are in multiple-choice format and therefore the CATI interviewee only needs to point and click on the right answer. The answer is then translated directly into a code by the CATI system and updated in our database.

Application of CATI:

Our CATI service is usually required to address the timeliness and other quality problems. The computer helps in automatically controlling questionnaire branching, conducting online editing for reconciliation directly with respondent, scheduling future calls and capturing variety of information.

CATI Technology:

CRDShas access to the best technology in the field of CATI interviewing. It is completely automated having a predictive dialer enhanced with Rapid Dial that assures increased productivity of manual dialing for the most accurate Data. We also have the capacity to capture cent percent of the customer experience. Our CATI Software provides the following:

High-quality data that is stored in an industry-standard SQL database
The speed to get projects in and out of the field in a timely manner.
A complete set of data collection and project management tools.
An open architecture enabling inter-operability with your own programs.

Now outsmart your competition and keep a track on the pulse of the surveys and market research data in real time, and at real prices! You will get client access and complete visibility of performance for operational transparency. Make CRDS your ultimate outsourcing destination and we promise to exceed your expectations. Get in touch with us at- info@crdsglobal.com.