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CRDS is on a constant look out for candidates who have a work experience of at least 2-3 years (need not necessarily be from market research background), are multilingual; with good communication skills, excellent problem solving and analytical skills. Most importantly, the desired candidate must possess an attitude that goes in sync with the company’s culture and ethos.

CRDS has a friendly and informal working environment, which is very different in comparison to large organizations which are working in the same field. We work in a conducive, ongoing learning environment, wherein we are continuously enhancing our team building skills and doing pioneering research work. CRDS wants individuals who are versatile and who let their work do the talking..

The following are the positions that you can apply for:

Market Research Analyst/ Associate

Business Analyst

Data Analyst

Market Research Analyst/ Associate


Graduate/ Post-Graduate
2-3 years of work experience

Key Skill Areas:
  • Qualitative and quantitative analytical ability
  • Passion for market research.
  • Must be good with data. Must be able to research market conditions by collecting, organizing, and interpreting data from local, regional, national, or other areas to determine potential sales of a product, service, or retail facilities.
  • Must be a team player, attention to detail, possess excellent communication skills, ability to multi-task and handle heavy workload.
  • Must possess accuracy in interpreting results.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Client servicing, data interpretation and insights generation
  • Conducting analysis based on research data independently, by applying various statistical techniques or concepts
  • Ensure high quality timely research for management insight and decision-making
Data Analyst


Graduate with 2-3 years of relevant experience
Possess in-depth knowledge of computers and programs like Oracle, PL/ SQL

Key Skill Areas:
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Establish good relationship with customers & maintain high standards of service delivery
  • Good Team player
Key Responsibilities:
  • Developing new reports and maintaining existing reporting processes
  • In-depth knowledge of understanding and implement data types, restricting and sorting Data, manipulating data etc
  • Building and modifying databases, processing data and identifying and automating repetitive processes
  • Updated documentation of all process activities
  • Providing inputs for continuous process improvement
Business Analyst


Bachelor's degree or equivalent preferred
Demonstrated proficiency with MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint etc

Key Skill Areas:
  • Good interpersonal communication
  • Excellent presentation and analytical skills
  • Results-oriented and customer focused
  • Ability to synthesize information for reaching logical conclusions
  • Expertise in managing projects, evaluating and improving them
  • Capacity to think strategically
  • Possess strong influencing skills and broad business awareness
Key Responsibilities:
  • Design and development of tools for Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management
  • Providing support and analysis to current major projects and being a key interface with the business.
  • Providing insight into business performance and working on high profile business projects
  • Analysis and interpretation of financial and non financial information

If you would like to explore these opportunities and join the CRDS team,ontact us at: info@crdsglobal.com.